Commisioner Education Planning

Head of Department

This department is responsible for education planning, development budgeting, project formulation, research, monitoring and evaluation and collection, processing and dissemination of statistics on education sector.


  • To develop co-coordinated planning policies and strategies that are consistent with other sect oral policies and plans.
  • To advise top management on education strategic objectives
  • To develop a management information system that supports education planning, management, monitoring and evaluation.


The Department consists of three Divisions;

  • Division of Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation headed by Assistant Commissioner.
  • Division of Policy Analysis, headed by Assistant Commissioner.
  • Division of Strategic Planning and Budgeting, headed by Assistant Commissioner.


  • Statistics, headed by Principal Statistician.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation, headed by Principal Education Planner (M&E).
  • Budgeting, headed by  Principal Economist (Budgeting)
  • Projects, headed by  Principal Economist (Projects)