Human Resource Management


The Mission of the Ministry is to provide technical support, guide, coordinate, regulate and promote quality education and training to all persons in Uganda for National integration, development and individual advancement. In order to attain this Mission, proper Management of the Human Resource function is critical.    The need to clearly identify and rationalize the key HR functions in the Ministry is essential to the attainment of its objectives.


The department is mandated to initiate plans, programs, policies and approaches that ensure that the Ministry of Education and Sports is staffed with the requisite human resources that work towards achievement of the Ministry’s objectives.

  • The Department’s main strategic objectives are:
  • (a) To initiate, develop and supervise implementation of human resource management policies, strategies and guidelines that are aligned with the education and sports sector business strategy.
  • (b) To upgrade and enhance competence and performance of the Education and Sports sector work force.
  • (c) To manage and strengthen the institutional capacity in line with the Education and Sports sector strategic plan.
  • The Human Resource Management Department is headed by a commissioner and is responsible for management of the human resource management function in the Ministry in line with the Strategic objectives.
  • The Department has the following Divisions:
  • • Human Resource Policy and Development;
  • • Compensation [active payroll and pensions]; and
  • • Human Resource Performance Management and Regional Support Offices.
  • (1) Guide, interpret and advise Managers of MoES on matters of human resources management and development, in terms of policies, regulations, practices and procedures;
  • (2) Provide technical advice to Management on issues of Human Resources Management, including Recruitment, Human Resources Development and Training, Promotion, Retention, Motivation, Performance Management and Welfare;
  • (3) Deploy staff in liaison with the respective technical Departments and Units to meet their manpower needs;
  • (4) Plan and coordinate the assessment of Human Resource Development needs for MoES and organize training and other human resource development programs/interventions;
  • (5) Develop a comprehensive staff development plan for building capacity of the human resources in MoES;
  • (6) Coordinate implementation of periodic Performance Review and Appraisal System in MoES;
  • (7) Provide relevant information, Process data and update records of various staff;
  • (8) Carry out salary and pension administration, process the payroll and retirement benefits (pension, allowances etc.) and other entitlements for employees of MoES; and
  • (9) Prepare work plans, budgets and performance reports for the Department and submit to relevant authorities for further action.
  • (1) Circular Standing Instruction of 2020 on Performance Management
  • (2) Performance Appraisal Form ( PS Form 5)
  • (3) Performance Agreement Forms
  • (4) Quarterly Performance Review Forms
  • (5) Annual Performance Report Form
  • (6) Performance Appraisal Guidelines, 2007
  • (7) Customised Performance Management Guidelines for Education Institutions and Schools
  • (1) The Uganda Public Service Standing Orders
  • (2) The Public Service Code of Conduct Ethics
  • (3) The Education Sector HR Strategic Plan 2020/21-2024/25
  • (4) MoES Client Charter