Following the Universal Primary Education (UPE 1997) and the Universal Post-Primary Education and Training (UPPET 2007)reforms, access to education has substantially increased in Uganda. This has led to the expansion of existing schools and establishment of more primary,secondary and tertiary institutions. These gains have made a profound contribution to improving the education sector nationwide. However,there is a growing concern on the declining quality of education due to the massive influx of students in existing schools. In this context, providing teachers capable of delivering high quality education is crucial to improving the education sector and fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Goal 4 which is, "To ensure equitable and inclusive quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all."

In order to achieve this objective, the Government of Uganda received a grant from the Kingdom of Belgium to finance the Ugandan-Belgian project entitled Teacher Training Education (TTE) Project. The project is jointly executed by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) and the Enabel, the Belgian development agency Enabel.


The Teacher Training Education Project seeks to strengthen professional competencies of teacher trainers and future teachers graduating from the National Teachers' Colleges (NTCs) in Uganda with a specific emphasis on secondary teacher education.

To reach its objective, the project defined a strategy to address three main areas:

  1. Institutional development component: to strengthen the colleges and MoES central departments (Teacher/Instructor,Education and Training Department -TIET, Construction Management Unit - CMU, Procurement Disposal Unit - PDU) management systems.
  2. Infrastructure component: to rehabilitate, expand and equip the college facilities.
  3. Pedagogy component: to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the colleges and partner secondary schools.

Teacher education is one of the key strategic priorities of the Education sector in Uganda.Particular attention is given to the 5 National Teachers� Colleges (NTCs) responsible for training secondary school teachers.

First Phase Teacher Training

The first phase of the project was initiated in 2011-2016 for a period of 5 years and focused on improving teaching and practice-oriented learning environment of the Business, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (BTVET) teachers/instructors, health tutors and secondary school teachers in Uganda.

It was therefore implemented in:

Abilonino Community Polytechnics Instructors Training College

Abilonino Community Polytechnics Instructors College is the only provider of pre-service training for technical teachers and instructors for the BTVET system. The college is situated near Lira in Northern Uganda, approximately 200 kilometres from Kampala. The college offers a two-year Diploma in Technical Teacher Education (DTTE) that turns out approximately 100 graduates every year. The entry requirement is Advanced Craft Certificate (Craft 2) and students can select from 11 different specializations according to their craft.

Health Tutors College Mulago

Health Tutors College Mulago trains tutors in midwifery, nursing and allied health. Located within the Mulago national referral hospital at Mulago Hill in Kampala, it is the only college of its kind in the country. Mulago HTC offers a 3-year Bachelor of Medical Education as well as the recently approved 1-year Post-Graduate Diploma in Medical Education and 1-year Higher Diploma in Clinical Instruction.

The project made considerable gains and improvements in teacher education within the Colleges. In order to build on these gains, the second phase of project was launched.

Second Phase Teacher Training

The second phase of the Teacher Training Education project started in 2017 and is scheduled to end by 2021 lasting for a period of 4 years. The projects specific aim is to improve secondary education in the National Teachers Colleges.

It is implemented in:

Map indicating the location of the colleges

National Teachers College Kabale

The National Teachers College is located in Kabale district about 410 kilometres from Kampala sitting on 68.4acres of land.It offers both DES (Diploma in Education Secondary) and DEP (Diploma in Education Primary) teachers' training programs. The college has several academic departments that include business studies, arts, science, art and design, agriculture, Kiswahili, music, English, physical education, professional studies and early childhood development.

National Teachers College Kaliro

The college is located near Kaliro town, about 40 km to the north of Iganga town and 153 km to the east of Kampala. It offers both DES (Diploma in Education Secondary full time) and DEP (Diploma in Education Primary part-time) teachers' training programs. The college has four academic departments (arts, science, vocational training, and professional studies),teaching a total of 16 subjects.

National Teachers College Muni

National Teachers' college Muni is located in Muni and Asava villages of Oluko Sub County, Ayivu County, Arua District in the West Nile region. The college is about 489 kilometres from Kampala, 7kilometres from Arua town and sits on about 170 acres of land. The college started as a Primary Teachers' College in 1947. In 1985National Teachers' College Muni took over the premises and the enrollment increased to over 800 students for the DES (Diploma in Education Secondary) and DEP (Diploma in Education Primary) programs combined.

National Teachers College Mubende

National Teachers College, Mubende, is located 150 kilometres along the Kampala FortPortal highway and 4km to Mubende town in the central region of Uganda. The College started in 1984 with an enrollment of thirty students. This, however has increased rapidly to about 900 students. It is a vocational Teacher Training College training both Diploma in Secondary Education (DES) and in-service Diploma in Primary Education (DEP). It has a total of 35 DES lecturers and 17 DEP part time lecturers.

National Teachers College Unyama

National Teachers' college Unyama is located about 330 kilometres from Kampala and 8 kilometres along Gulu-Kitgum road within Te-pwoyo village, Pakwelo parish, Unyama sub-county, Aswa County in Gulu district. It is situated on land coverage of 299.8 hectares which is adequate for future development.

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