In a bid to revitalize Technical and Vocational Education and Training with aim of enhancing the capacity of institutions to deliver high quality and demand-driven skills, the Ministry of Education and Sports through the Uganda Skills Development Project has flagged off 18 instructors to France for an upgrade training in programs under manufacturing.

The team set for retooling includes instructors from Uganda Technical College Bushenyi and those from the institution’s Vocational Training Institutions including Katwe Tech Institute, Nyamitanga Technical Institute, Kalera Technical Institute as well as two supervisors from the TVET department in the Ministry. Officials revealed that currently, UTC Bushenyi is specifically being transformed into a Center of Excellence for manufacturing, that is why its instructors have been selected to ger this training so as to fulfill this national aspiration.

Officiating the flag-off ceremony on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Irumba Kaija noted that the Government of Uganda is focusing on improving Human Capital development, therefore the instructors’ training had to be advanced for that sake, hence the partnership with SFERE, an INTERNATIONAL TRAINING Institution based in France. The instructors will be acquiring industry-driven standards that comply with globally recognized training for the manufacturing industry, which will gradually translate into greater efficiency and higher productivity for the industry in Uganda.

The instructors were urged to utilize the training to gain exposure and build networks and learn, so as to pass on the gained knowledge to the TVET students.

Under the Uganda Skills Development Project, the Ministry has developed curricula and equipped the institutions greatly, to provide a favorable environment for quality TVET training. Mr. Irumba appreciated the project for engineering the initiative of training instructors, and noted that more of such trainings will in the future be organized with instructors from other UTCs included.