The Teacher/Tutor, Instructor Education and Training (TIET) department has a cross-cutting function that serves the need of all Technical/Vocational needs of the Ministry of Education & Sports. The department is responsible for the training of:

  • Teachers of primary and secondary schools
  • Tutors of primary teachers' colleges & health training institutions
  • Instructors of technical training institutions
  • Lectures for specialized training institutions including national teachers' colleges, colleges of commerce and technical colleges among others.


"To provide support, guide, coordinate, regulate and promote quality  teacher, tutor and instructor education for production of adequate, competent  and ethical teachers, tutors and instructors".

TIET is mainly responsible for policy, control and maintenance standards through control of teacher education curriculum program activities and examinations (The Education and Sports sector Annual Performance report, 2011). This arrangement enhances flexibility, transparency and accountability and allows Teacher/Tutor, Instructor college administrators to contextualize policies and information from the centre for effective implementation.


  • To make teacher/tutor, instructor education &  training responsive to the needs of the education sector by ensuring that  Teachers/Tutors and Instructors are available in adequate numbers and of the  right caliber and quality.
  • To make the teacher/tutor, instructor preparation  environment conducive to promote quality, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To develop in teachers, tutors and instructors the attitude and qualities needed for participation in techno-cultural environment;  ability to teach, instruct and educate others; an awareness of the principals  that govern orderly human relations within and across national boundaries; a  sense of responsibility to contribute both by teaching and example to social, cultural and economic progress; and by acquiring through training skills  relevant to the provision of an enabling learning environment for  pupils/students/trainees.
  • To improve the quality of the staff for the teacher/tutor, instructor education sub-sector.
  • To strengthen the teacher/tutor, instructor colleges' staff, primary, secondary and technical school teachers and head teachers,  instructors and head instructors, health tutors and Principals of Health  training schools, Governing Councils, School Management Committees and Boards  of Governors support system.

TIET department has three divisions; Pre-primary and Primary Teacher Education, Secondary Teacher Education and Instructor and Tutor divisions. The department is headed by a Commissioner who is responsible for all teacher development programs, including in-service and pre-service training. Each division is headed by an Assistant Commissioner. The structure of the department is as presented on the right:


Outputs of TIET

  • Appropriate policies, plans and guidelines in respect of teacher/tutor & instructor education
  • Adequate and well trained teachers/tutors & instructors
  • Effective and efficient organization and management of teacher education institutions and training colleges
  • Timely advice on resource requirements for teacher, tutor & instructor education.

TIET Department Structure