Finance & Administration

This department facilitates the operations of the technical departments through the provision of support services in areas of administration, establishment management, management of financial resources, manpower development, and procurement and disposal of utilities and assets.
The department is headed by the Under Secretary and other functional areas manned as follows;

  • Administration Division - Principal Assistant Secretary (PAS)
  • Policy Analysis and Planning Unit - Commissioner (CEPPA)
  • Accounts Division - Assistant Commissioner Accounts (AC/A)
  • Communication and Information Management Unit - Assistant Commissioner (AC/CIMU)
  • Procurement and Disposal Unit - Assistant Commissioner (AC/PDU)
  • Construction Management Unit - Assistant Commissioner (AC/CMU)
  • Internal Audit Unit - Assistant Commissioner (AC/IA)

Internal audit as a unit in the department of finance and administration helps the Ministry achieve its objectives, by providing an independent, objective, assurance and consulting activity, designed to add value and improve on operations.

That is, the Internal Audit Activity (IAA) will evaluate the activities of the ministry to check whether they are in line with the Ministry's overall objectives and goals hence improving on the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance process.


  • To initiate, generate and disseminate policies.
  • Ensure availability of high calibre staff and that they are motivated, dedicated and contribute to the Ministry goals and government at large.
  • Provide for an ideal working environment for staff to perform.
  • To ensure efficient and effective deployment and utilization of the human, material and financial resources achieve the sector goals.
  • To account for resources allocated to the sectors.
  • Provide for general administration support services.
  • Disseminate policy decision, rules and regulations to all members of staff.
  • Coordinate the recruitment, induction, confirmations, training needs assessment, performance appraisals, leave, promotions, disciplining and retirement of staff.
  • Procure all necessary goods and services in a transparent manner and ensure their maintenance and cost-effective use.

Administrative and support services

Linkages with Other Stakeholders
The core function of the department is to facilitate linkages between the Ministry and other relevant stakeholders. The department has thus been active in promoting the image of the Ministry in various fora, including interacting with the development partners, private sector, and other Ministries. Internally, finance and administration department plays a key role of providing the binding link with other departments.