Drama show changed my mind set about reading with children at home.

Juliet Natukunda reading with her grandchild Isaac at home in Bwehundo village Kigarama Suounty in Sheema district April 2018.

"I first heard about Tushomere Hamwe reading campaign when I attended a drama show at Mushanju trading center, Bwehundo village, Kigarama Sub County in Sheema district. Many of the ideas in the drama show were new to me." says Juliet Natukunda, resident of Bwehundo village, in Kigarama Sub County in Sheema district

On their way home together with other parents, Natukunda started discussing and sharing ideas of what interested them most in the show. After listening to other parents she understood more about the reading campaign to encourage parents to be more active, pay more attention and give their children at least 20 minutes per day to read together.

Natukunda is a mother of five children and a peasant farmer. Right now, she is looking after her three year old grandchild, Isaac Ainomugisha a learner at Nshonji preprimary school.

"Before attending the drama show, I didn't consider reading seriously. Although I spent a lot of time with my grandchild, I hardly paid attention to what he learnt at school. I never even bothered to read with Isaac or ask him what he learnt at school," confesses Natukunda.

She appreciates the organizers of the drama show because it was of great impact in her life. She has now picked interest in reading with her grandchild which was a rare occurrence in her community. Interestingly, "I have also influenced my neighbors to also read with their children at home."
To improve on Isaac's reading skills, she recently developed a time table to encourage them to read together daily. Besides interacting with Isaac, Natukunda has also bought a story book so that they can read together during his free time or after having supper.