Capacity Building for Industry Demand-Based Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Uganda

Project Overall Objective

To increase employability of youth in Uganda by strengthening technical and vocational education and training

To customize training course and teaching & learning skills to meet the demands of field industries and enforces systematic practice for building up the field application ability  I

Partner Country

 Implementation Agency

Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) with  support From a Project Management Consultancy team 

(PMC)-Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI)



2,400 students who received short-term training course, 180 trained teachers, 21 trainees from invitational training, 600 participants in Tech-Fair

Project Duration 2020-2027

Total Project Cost (Partner funding incl.)

KOICA USD 7,000,000

Partner Ministry of Education and Sports (N/A)

Project Area

Kampala(Ntinda VTI), Iganga(Iganga TI), Mubende(Mubende TI), Nyakatare(Nyakatare TI), Kiryandongo(Kiryandongo TI), Arua(Arua TI)

Short-term training course for 5 majors

·  Electricity  ·  Automobile ·       Welding   ·       Plumbing . Fashion 

Capacity building for TI instructors and TVET Managers

• Development and operation of in-service training programs for 6 (V)TI instructors -

1 week of Practical Equipment Use training (Once in 2022)

- 2 weeks of Short-term Course Operation training (Twice in 2022 and 2026)

• Preparation of regulations for management of equipment and consumables

• Invitational Training to Korea for TVET managers 

Capacity building for Industry-Academia cooperation and start-ups/employment of students

Establishment of industry cooperation committee for 5 trades in 6 (V)TIs

• Building network and sign MoU with each (V)TIIndustry

• Development and Provision of program between (V)TI and industry

• Support Employment/Entrepreneurship program for students

Tech-Fair operation among 6 (V)TIs and Support World Skills Uganda Secretariat

Hold tech-fair events among 6 (V)TIs

• KOICA supported VTIs’ tech-fair in East Africa

• Financial and technical support to WSU Secretariat

• Invitational training for World Skills International Participant


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