Project Beneficiaries

As a result of implementing the five-year project, the total number of beneficiaries include:

  1. 8,795,759 pupils from new textbooks and trained teachers;
  1. 1,445,170 pupils from improved teacher effectiveness in early grade reading teaching;
  2. 58,000 pupils from new classrooms;
  3. 83,320 pupils from trained childhood caregivers;
  4. 23,574 teachers in primary schools trained in teaching early grade reading, early childhood education, and school leadership;
  5. 5,536 school management committee members trained in school management and accountability; and,
  6. Parents and communities with children in schools covered under the program have indirectly benefited from higher quality education, greater information and enhanced voice in school management.

Summary of Project Intermediate Outcomes

  1. Improved pedagogical practices by the trained caregivers i.e. use of the learning framework, teaching through play, and providing variety of locally made play materials
  2. Learners being taught by trained caregivers interacted more freely with each other and showed great confidence while interacting with strangers.
  3. Community engagement in the pupils’ learning at school.
  4. There is increased % of children reading fluently and with speed in literacy.
  5. P3 children reading 20 words per minute increased from 1% (2016) to 27.5% (2018).
  6. Increased enrolment and attendance in the lower classes due to participatory methods in EGR teaching, making lessons interactive.
  7. Improved supervision of teachers by head teachers in EGR schools, from 57% in 2016 to 95% in 2019
  8. Improved textbook usage during the teaching & learning process- evident in 96% of the schools across the 29 EGR districts.
  9. Increased teacher presence in the EGR beneficiary schools from 73% to 90% by March 2019.
  10. Reduction in the pupil textbook ratio from 14:2, EMIS 2017.
  11. Increased access to schooling, increased enrolment by over 10,000 (25%) in constructed schools
  12. Increased rate of inspection and reporting by districts implementing ICT-enabled Inspection.
  13. Improved level of accountability of UPE capitation grants and records keeping.