The Business, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (BTVET) in Uganda has suffered from weaknesses in five major areas. These include; relevance to economic growth, quality of skills provision, access and equity, organizational effectiveness and financial and internal efficiency. The system does not produce the appropriately skilled workforce that Uganda requires to increase income and employment and to compete internationally. The training institutions do not deliver training commensurate to the required standards and few students access the training.

To overcome the above challenges, in 2012, the Government of Uganda through Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) launched a BTVET Strategic Plan 2012/13 to 2021/22 entitled "Skilling Uganda". This plan underscored a paradigm shift in skills development in the country. The plan emphasized creating employable skills and competencies relevant to the labour market rather than educational certificates as was before.

The World Bank funded, Uganda Skills Development Project (USDP) worth US $100M is one of the options the Government of Uganda initiated to operationalize the BTVET strategic Plan. USDP is a five (5) year project, which was approved in April 2015 and became effective in October 2016. USDP targets enabling programmes to meet skills needs in key priority sectors of the economy i.e. Agriculture, Construction and Manufacturing, in line with Uganda's National Development Plan (NDPII) as well as Vision 2040.

Development Objective
To enhance the capacity of institutions to deliver high-quality, demand-driven training programs in target sectors. The target sectors are construction, manufacturing and Agriculture.

The purpose of USDP is to support the design of the initial set of reforms that will set the foundation for transforming skills development in the country. It aims at creating a scalable model for high quality vocational and technical training which is linked to labour market needs for specific sectors.

Please find attached the project briefs