Uganda has made a number of oil discoveries in the recent past. These discoveries are mainly in Mputa Albertine region and other reserves within Nwoya, Buliisa and Hoima Districts. The discoveries have raised a lot of expectations with the Ugandan populace looking forward to opportunities that will reduce poverty levels, create jobs and generate revenue. The Government of Uganda, therefore, intends to ensure that the Albertine region takes advantage of the resources and benefits that will be realised from these discoveries. 

Substantial gains in term of oil related infrastructural improvement are already taking place in the region. The government has commenced the process of upgrading roads linking Lake Albert shore to the towns of Hoima and Masindi. As a result, local villages and towns along these roads have started reaping benefits accruing from the upgrades. These include among others; greater access to the market as well as improved revenue generation from taxes.

The Government of Uganda intends to venture into full-scale production of oil in the region by 2020. In the meantime, more exploration related works are ongoing as well as preparatory interventions to set up the ground for full-scale oil and gas production. Among the preparatory interventions include; agreement and approval of field development plans, infrastructure and facilities development, environmental impact assessment, and capacity building and training, to manage the sector well once oil production commences.

Further to these developments, the Government of Uganda received funding from the World Bank to support the country to facilitate more systematic sustainable and inclusive transformation of the Albertine region. These include;

(i) Regional transport infrastructure that will improve connectivity and access within and to the Albertine region as well as facilitate  all-inclusive economy;

(ii) Local area for orderly and planned growth, improvement in the infrastructure as well as services of the rapidly urbanising centres in the region; and,

(iii) A more skilled workforce and better technical colleges that would respond to the demand and influence the employment opportunities that would come up in the region.

This request was operationalized by the formulation of the Albertine Region Sustainable Development Project (USD 145m). ARSDP is a multi-sectoral project that is being implemented for a period of 5 years.  It is designed to complement other initiatives that are already on-going in the Albertine region.

Development Objective

The Albertine Region Sustainable Development Project aims at improving regional and local access to infrastructure, Market and skills development in the Albertine region.

Please find attached ARSDP project briefs in the attached document.