Teacher Training Education Project

  1. Following the Universal Primary Education (UPE1997) and the Universal Post-Primary Education and Training (UPPET 2007)reforms, access to education has substantially increased in Uganda. This hasled to the expansion of existing schools and establishment of more primary,secondary and tertiary institutions. These gains have made a profoundcontribution to improving the education sector nationwide. However,there is agrowing concern on the declining quality of education due to the massive influxof students in existing schools. In this context, providing teachers capable ofdelivering high quality education is crucial to improving the education sectorand fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Goal 4 which is, "To ensureequitable and inclusive quality education and promote lifelong learningopportunities for all."

    In order to achieve this objective, the Governmentof Uganda received a grant from the Kingdom of Belgium to finance theUgandan-Belgian project entitled Teacher Training Education (TTE) Project. Theproject is jointly executed by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) andthe Enabel, the Belgian development agency Enabel.


    The Teacher Training Education Project seeks tostrengthen professional competencies of teacher trainers and future teachersgraduating from the National Teachers' Colleges (NTCs) in Uganda with aspecific emphasis on secondary teacher education.

    To reach its objective, the project defined astrategy to address three main areas:

    1.     Institutional development component: to strengthen the colleges and MoEScentral departments (Teacher/Instructor,Education and Training Department -TIET,Construction Management Unit - CMU, Procurement Disposal Unit - PDU) managementsystems.

    2.     Infrastructure component: to rehabilitate, expand and equip the collegefacilities.

    3.     Pedagogy component: to improve the quality of teaching and learning inthe colleges and partner secondary schools.

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TTE Project Flyer
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