Main activities of the project

Results will be achieved through activities at central and college levels in areas of:

Institutional development:

  Improve college management in terms of planning, finance, human resources, students

follow up.

   Improve management of CMU, PDU and TIET departments


       Improve colleges facilities for teaching and learning and provides enhanced laboratories, classrooms,user-friendly libraries and staff rooms.

       Improve colleges maintenance

       Disseminate Guidelines for sustainable infrastructure

       Improve the physical conditions by providing safe and secure learning environment


       Strengthen teaching staff skills in the field of adult teaching and learning, learner-centered methodologies and ICT in teaching and learning via a support supervision and college-based mentorship systems, User-friendly libraries

       Pilot the implementation of a system of Continuous School Practice in Partner Secondary Schools surrounding the colleges in order to offer more teaching opportunities to student-teachers and introduce learners centered methodologies in secondary schools

Cross-cutting issues (HIV/AIDS, gender, environment) are incorporated in all activities.

Organogram of TTE Project

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