Main activities of the project

Results are achieved through capacity building activities at central and college levels in areas of:

  • Active teaching and learning methodologies, to develop critical thinking capacities of teachers and learners (action research, project work, etc.).
  • IT4Education, to provide academic staff with modern IT tools and software to better prepare, illustrate and deliver lively and inspiring lessons.
  • Organisational development, to encourage education managers in better administering their colleges (HR, students follow-up, maintenance systems, financial transparency and efficiency etc.).
  • Health, gender, environment and social economy cross-cutting issues, to address the well-being of college users.

The project also improves physical conditions for teaching and learning and provides enhanced laboratories, workshops, user-friendly libraries and staff rooms. This all happens in coordination with the TIET (Teacher/Tutor, Instructor Education and Training) department of the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Organogram of TTE Project

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