Teacher education isone of the key strategic priorities of the Education sector in Uganda.Particular attention is given to the 5 National Teachers’ Colleges (NTCs)responsible for training secondary school teachers.

First Phase Teacher Training

The first phase of the project wasinitiated in 2011-2016 for a period of 5 years and focused on improving teachingand practice-oriented learning environment of the Business, Technical andVocational Education and Training (BTVET) teachers/instructors, health tutorsand secondary school teachers in Uganda.

It was therefore implemented in:

·       National Teachers’ College of Kaliro

·       National Teachers’ College Muni

·       National Instructors CollegeAbilonino

·       Health Tutors’ College Mulago

Abilonino CommunityPolytechnics Instructors’ Training College


Abilonino Community PolytechnicsInstructors’ College is the only provider of pre-service training for technicalteachers and instructors for the BTVET system. The college is situated nearLira in Northern Uganda, approximately 200 kilometres from Kampala. The collegeoffers a two-year Diploma in Technical Teacher Education (DTTE) that turns outapproximately 100 graduates every year. The entry requirement is Advanced CraftCertificate (Craft 2) and students can select from 11 different specializationsaccording to their craft.


Health Tutors’ CollegeMulago

Health Tutors’ College Mulago trainstutors in midwifery, nursing and allied health. Located within the Mulagonational referral hospital at Mulago Hill in Kampala, it is the only college ofits kind in the country. Mulago HTC offers a 3-year Bachelor of MedicalEducation as well as the recently approved 1-year Post-Graduate Diploma inMedical Education and 1-year Higher Diploma in Clinical Instruction.


The projectmade considerable gains andimprovements in teacher education within the Colleges. In order to build onthese gains, the second phase of project was launched.

Second PhaseTeacher Training

The second phase of the TeacherTraining Education project started in 2017 and is scheduled to end by 2021 lastingfor a period of 4 years. The project’s specific aim is to improve secondaryeducation in the National Teachers’ Colleges.

It is implemented in:

·       National Teachers’ College of Kabale

·       National Teachers’ College of Kaliro

·       National Teachers’ College of Mubende

·       National Teachers’ College of Muni

·       National Teachers’ College Unyama

·       Partner Secondary schools surroundingthe National Teachers’ Colleges

·       Teacher/Instructor, Education andTraining (TIET) Department – MoES

·       Construction Management Unit (CMU) –MoES

·       Procurement Disposal Unit (PDU) – MoES

Map indicating the location of the colleges:


National Teachers’ CollegeKabale