Purpose of the Fact Booklet

The main reason why the MoES annually conducts a school census is to update, analyse, and disseminate Education Sector information.

Being aware of the fact that information delayed is of very little value, and given the fact that a school census cycle (i.e. from the point school census data is collected to when it is fully processed and published) is a long one (approximately 10 months), with effect from 2000 MoES embarked on a dissemination strategy with three key publications i.e. a fact file, fact booklet, and a full abstract.


The fact file is a two-page document summarizing all the key information and is published as soon as school census data entry is completed.


The fact booklet, small enough to fit in a pocket is published next and provides an in-depth analysis (including trends). Its main purpose is to communicate and explain to stakeholders, relationships and trend of events within the education sector.

Full Abstract

On the other hand, a full abstract is published last and it is designed to furnish stakeholders with data/information for own analysis.

Trend Analysis Report

Just like the fact booklet, the trend analysis report\r\n gives an in-depth analysis of data from all variables captured in the questionnaire on a multi-year data approach Annual Report
This document is based on single year data cross-section covering all variables captured in the questionnaire.