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Statistics Abstract

Education Statistics Abstracts are part of outputs from Annual School Censuses conducted annually by the Ministry of Education and Sports. Since 1963, Education planning department has been gathering Education Statistics to facilitate policy formulation in the Sector.

Some of the available Statistics Abstracts can be accessed through our ftp link However, you can directly view selected tables from Education Statistics Abstract 2004

These are;
Reference tables for both Secondary and Primary Sub sectors.
These show trend tabulation for the following variables since 1963;

  • Total Enrollment by Class
  • Enrollment by Class and Gender
  • Total Enrollment by year
  • Total number of responding Schools by year
  • Total number of Schools in the Database registry by year
  • Total number of teachers by year.
  • Statistics concepts and definitions
  • Summary of findings
  • Sub national tables for the different sub sectors

Abstract 2016
Abstract 2013
Abstract 2014
Abstract 2015