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EMIS Statistics

The Annual Education Census exercises allow the Ministry of Education and Sports to collect all the necessary information about education sector in Uganda. This information is used as an input to the planning and monitoring of the provision of quality and relevant education to Ugandans.

It is intended that the census should address the information needs of all stakeholders.

The following Statistics Publication are now available. Hard copies of these publications are available in the Ministry of Education and Sports Resource centre located at head quarters of the Ministry.

  • Reports on the USE / BTVET HeadCount
  • The Final Rapid Head Count Reports
  • News Letter:Read our Quarterly News Letter Online Here.
  • Fact Booklets
  • Uganda Education Statistics Abstracts ( 2000-to-Date)
  • The List of All Primary and Secondary Schools in Uganda here.

2011 Primary and Secondary Schools 

2011 Primary and Secondary Schools in Uganda, these include Government, Public Private Partnership(PPP) and Private Schools. Those who responded and those who didn't respond to ASC 2011. Click on the links hereunder to DOWNLOAD the Lists
National Headcount 2016Report
UPPET and UPOLET National Headcount 2013 Report
National USE UPPET headcount report 2014
UPPET and UPOLET National Headcount 2015