Guidance and Counselling


The Department of Guidance and Counselling was established in 2008, after the re-structuring of  the Ministry of Education and Sports.


It is mandated to

provide strategic and technical leadership, guidance, advice and strategies in all matters of Guidance, Counseling, including HIV/AIDS Mitigation and Psychosocial Concerns and Support Services within the entire Education and Training Sector, in collaboration with the relevant organs/stakeholders.?


The overall objectives of the Department are to:

  • Promote, support and ensure the provision of quality guidance, counselling including psychosocial services in the entire Education Sector.
  • .sensitize all stakeholders and advocate for policies and strategies to effectively address issues of Guidance and Counselling, HIV/AIDS and other psychosocial concerns in the entire Sector.
  • Develop and maintain an up to date National Data Bank and Information System on the issues/status of Career Guidance, Counselling, placement of school leavers, HIV/AIDS and other Psychosocial trends and services in schools/institutions so as to guide decision making and advice to stakeholders.
  • Initiate and coordinate the provision of Guidance and Counselling in schools/institutions

Key functions:

  • Develop policies, strategies, plans and guidelines for the implementation and provision of Guidance and Counselling services.
  • Carry out advocacy, sensitization and information dissemination programmes to raise awareness of the needs and magnitude of issues regarding Career Guidance Services and Counselling/Psychosocial services in educational institutions.
  • Ensure training and retraining/refresher programmes for teacher counselors and other stakeholders in both government and private educational institutions to develop their capacity to ensure that G&C is effectively provided in schools in collaboration with Teacher Education, NCDC, training institutions, District, and MoGLSD.
  • Advise on and ensure provision of appropriate materials in respect to G&C service provision.
  • Initiate and conduct workshops, seminars for in-service teachers/tutors and other practicing personnel.
  • Guide and support any initiative for promoting G&C services.
  • Provide linkages with organizations and other bodies in the region and internationally.
  • Establish an information/data bank on psychosocial and career information.
  • Conduct research and studies on career guidance, counselling services and psychosocial difficulties/challenges, and deviant behaviors to establish the extent of the problem and propose how to manage them.
  • Coordinate placement of students at various levels of education.
  • Organize national annual career fairs and expo and to ensure schools and regional career days/events are held.
  • Initiate programmes and coordinate strategies for HIV prevention, care and support within the sector.
  • Initiate and ensure implementation of programmes and interventions to address deviant behavior, trauma and stress management in school and the entire sector.
  • Initiative programmes to address cross-cutting concerns (Safe Schools Initiatives): Peace -initiatives/Education, Gender, Environment, Human Rights and Culture, etc.
  • Monitor, evaluate and offer support supervision on policy and implementation of programmes and -provide support supervision.
  • Provide guidelines on referral services for the entire sector.
  • Develop job-shadow programme and other initiatives to strengthen career explorations and monitor their implementation.

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