Education Planning Department

Head of Department: Commissioner, Educational Planning:

Mr. G. A. Dhatemwa

The department is responsible for Education Planning, Development Budgeting, Project Formulation, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation and Collection, Processing and Dissemination of Statistics on Education Sector.

Mission Statements:

  • To develop co-coordinated planning policies and strategies that are consistent with other sect oral policies and plans.
  • To advise top management on education strategic objectives 
  • To develop a management information system that supports education planning, management, monitoring and evaluation.


The Department consists of three Divisions;

  • Division of Statistics,
  • Monitoring and Evaluation headed by Ag.Assistant Commissioner, Mr. Joseph Eilor.


  • Statistics, headed by Principal Statistician, Ms.Irene Namatovu Lubega.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation, headed by Ag. Principal Education Planner (M&E), Mr. Cathbert Mulyalya.
  • Division of Budget and Strategic Planning, headed by Assistant Commissioner,  Mr. Kevin Balaba  (Ag. Assistant Commissioner)
  • Division of Policy Analysis.
  • Budgeting, headed by Mr. Wilber Ainebyona, Principal Economist(Budgeting)
  • Projects, headed by   Mr. Kabagambe Richard, Ag. Principal Economist (Projects)

The Ministry of Education and Sports Conducts National Headcount and Annual School Census