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National Reading Symposium prioritizes early grade reading interventions
The Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) with support from the USAID/Uganda Literacy Achievement and Retention Activity and the USAID/Uganda School Health and Reading Program (SHRP) held a national symposium on Early Grade Reading (EGR). It bought together officials from the education and local government ministries as well as other stakeholders implementing education programs.

MoES State Minister for Primary Education, Rosemary Nnansubuga Seninde officiated at the symposium. In her remarks she said, "Reading is how we measure the quality of our education. I am glad that this symposium will tell us how far we have gone in early grade reading. We need data to inform discussion around priorities. We are going to identify how to sustain reading gains. EGR should be emphasized in the Primary Teachers' Colleges so that it is easy for teachers to implement EGR methodology while at the schools."

The State Minister committed to continue working with USAID to ensure success because, "without quality education, there is no development and to achieve that, we must pay attention to the foundation which is basic education that includes early grade reading."

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Posted 17th, December 2018
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