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National IIS Report March - April 2018
The school supervision unit (inspectorate of schools) of the Ministry of Education and Sports is undergoing transition to embrace ICT as an approach to collecting school data. The transition is facilitated with funding from the Global Partnership in Education (GPE) under the supervision of World Bank (WB) through the Uganda Teacher School Effectiveness (UTSE) project.

The UTSE inspection intervention project activity implemented by the Directorate of Education Standards (DES) has enabled the development of an Integrated Inspection System (IIS) which allows school assessors (inspectors) to collect school data using computer tablets and upload it onto the IIS. The system automatically analyses the data and generates school reports to enhance real time reporting and consistent reporting.

This particular progress report on school inspection using ICT is the first of its kind after the introduction of IIS to analyze school inspection data collected from 46 Local Governments across the country. The report reveals the quality of primary education service provision highlighting the achievements of the IIS and the challenges which need to be addressed before the country can achieve the desired level of perfection regarding the use of ICT in the school inspection process.

As the Ministry of Education and Sports works towards improving the quality of education service provision in the country; embracing ICT in school inspection process, allows capturing vital information from schools which is systematically analyzed to generate reliable statistics to inform decision making regarding important aspects in education.

I wish to commend Government to continue to invest in the use of technology and training of personnel in school inspection service so that they are equipped with the relevant skills.

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Posted 16th, November 2018
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