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Guidelines for Employment of Staff in Private Schools and Institutions are made under Section 57 (j) of the Education (Pre-primary, Primary and Post-primary) Act 2008 by which the Minister is mandated to make regulations to give full effect to the provisions of the Act, and specifically Section 44 (3), that empowers the Minister to, from time to time, issue instructions to private school owners on aspects of school management in order to safeguard the interests of learners.

The guidelines take into consideration other relevant provisions of this Act, as well as provisions of the following related Acts, policy statements, statutory instruments and regulations among others:

        National Social Security Fund Act 1985

        The Early Childhood Development (ECD) Policy 2007

        The Education (BTVET) Act 2008

        The Education Service Commission Regulations, 2012

        The Education Service Teachers Code of Conduct: Legal Notice 2012

        The Employment Act 2006

        The Labour Disputes (Arbitration and Settlements) Act 2006

        The Labour Unions Act 2006

        The National Policy on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work (2007)

        The Occupational Safety and Health Act 2006

        The Public Heath

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Posted 15th, February 2018
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