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Venue : Golf course Hotel
 Theme:     "Re-aligning School Governance and Management towards Sustainable Quality of Education and Training Outcomes”.


(1) This is the 23rd Education and Sports Annual Sector Review (ESSR) aimed at reviewing the performance of the Sector in FY 2015/16 and identifying strategic operational areas to be prioritized the budgetary process for next FY 2017/18. The Review process will involve a combination of fieldwork, a physical education and sports gala and a national workshop, all taking place between August and 2nd September 2016.

(2) Field visits will be carried out to various Education and Training institutions. The field visit report will provide first-hand feedback on what is happening on the ground to guide and enrich the discussions during the 2016 ESSR and Planning and Budgeting Review Workshop for FY 2017/18.

(3) The theme for this year’s ESSR is "Re-aligning School Governance and Management towards Sustainable Quality of Education and Training Outcomes”. Prominence will be put on how to capitalize on the gains of decentralization of the education function as well the management of education institutions to achieve sustained quality of education. In addition, participants will discuss how to get quick wins to enhance citizen satisfaction and participation in education and training.

(4) Last year’s Review theme is maintained to enable the Sector to assess progress that has been attained on given performance benchmarks over the last one year.

Objective of the Review

The main objective of the 23rd ESSR is to appraise the performance of the Education and Sports Sector for the period 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016 and plan for the FY 2017/18.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the Review are to:

(1) Assess progress in achieving the agreed sector level performance benchmarks as stipulated in the Ministerial Policy Statement including budgetary performance for FY 2015/16;

(2) Review progress on implementing Undertakings that were agreed during the 2015 Annual Sector Review Workshop and propose future Undertakings for FY 2017/18;

(3) Assess the performance of Local Governments (LGs), Governing Councils, Boards of Governors (BoGs), School Management Committees (SMCs) and Parents Teachers Associations (PTAs) in governance and management of education institutions in the country;

(4) Come up with strategic policies and regulations that need to be strengthened and provide feedback to stakeholders to enhance public accountability, transparency and quality in delivering education services; and

(5) Generate credible recommendations for implementation in the FY 2017/18 towards improved delivery of education, training and sports at all levels in the country.

Timing, Invitations and Venue

(1) The Education and Sports Sector Review (ESSR) Workshop will take place from 30th August - 2nd September 2016. The Review workshop will be preceded by field visits exercise to be undertaken from 14th – 21st August 2016.

(2) Participants will confirm their participation on receipt of invitations one week prior to the date of the Review on the following email addresses: copied to

Targeted Participants

(1) The participants who will appraise the performance of the Education and Sports Sector during the period 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016 will be drawn from the following categories:-

a) Political leaders of Ministry of Education and Sports
b) The Education Sector Consultative Committee (ESCC);
c) The Education Sector Budget Working Group (ESWG);
d) Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group (M&E WG);
e) Sector Policy and Management Working Group (SPM WG)
f) Departmental Working Groups;
g) Line Ministries;
h) Local Governments;
i) Education Institutions at all levels;
j) The private sector and private providers of education services;
k) Teachers Associations
l) Civil Society Organizations
m) Foundation Bodies; and
n) The media.
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Posted 30th, August 2016
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